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WILD CARD Lyrics by K.  Pierce

Genre: Female/Country


She’s a wild-card 
no one would bet on
a hot-pistoled red head 
mad like a hotbed

takin’ too many chances

on a fist full of dreams.

Fifteen and headed 
way past anyone would let her
with an old Epiphone in her hands.

She’s dreamin’
she’s leavin’ 
still believin’

while she can. 

They tell her it’s the pain 
that writes her story
not the fame and glory.

She’s just an angel that lives
in a wild desert rose 
country song,

like a hurricane
passin’ through
long after the storm is gone.

But her dreams keep her rollin’ on 
and her heart keeps on playin’
its song. 

Eighteen and ready 
goin’ anywhere in that old Chevy
way past anyone 
can catch her now.

Lettin’ go of the past
been makin’ her dreams
all along.

Now she’s nineteen and headed
oh, anywhere to forget him
at twenty there’s no tellin’
her game.

Always playin’ the town
always messin’ around
with the next big song
comin’ down.

She’s dreamin’
she’s leavin’ 
still believin’

while she can.

At 24, it’s love 
that writes her story
not all the pain before it.

Then 30 brings the fame,
how it comes down like rain
when you’re not lookin’
just livin’ 

and chasin’ your dreams.
Now, they tell her it’s the glory
that’s what writes her story
but she’s been there before,

...........with dreams worth fighting for.




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